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Houman Salem

Houman Salem

ARGYLE Haus of Apparel Launches New Business Division Aimed at First-time Fashion Brand Entrepreneurs

Los Angeles, CA – February 21, 2022: ARGYLE Haus of Apparel, a leading and award-winning Fashion Brand house, today announced the launch of a new business model division aimed at helping newcomers to the highly competitive fashion industry.

The new division is called LA Fashion Start Ups and its mission is to provide a one-stop solution for new entrepreneurs that want to enter the world of fashion, “Many new entrepreneurs get sucked into the idea of launching a fashion brand on their own and quickly realize that they entered a world they didn’t expect”, stated Houman Salem, founder and CEO of ARGYLE Haus.

LA Fashion Start Ups offers a range of services typically reserved for larger fashion brand with larger budgets.  In the manner, fashion entrepreneurs will not have to seek out resources, vendors, or supplier online store on their own (which they may or may not have access to).  “We have curated an array of essential service and centralized them so that our clients will not be left alone searching for the things they need,” stated Salem.

When a new client comes to LA Fashion Start Ups, they will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager that will walk them through the entire process from A to Z. The Project Manager will facilitate the design process with our fashion designers so that we can capture the client’s vision and create necessary technical design flats. Next, the client will work with our sourcing agents who will help find all the right fabric and trim for the collection.  Once the designs and materials are finalized, the Project Manager will move the project into the apparel development phase to create the pre-production samples. This phase includes all the essential work for clothing development including pattern making, sample sewing, and fit testing.

When the apparel development samples are approved by the client, LA Fashion Start Ups will organize and oversee a professional photo shoot with a fashion photographer and model. The client will be hands-on through the entire process.

In addition, the client will receive a mini production run of 10 pieces per style, aimed at promotions and pre-sales.  All apparel and start a clothing manufacturing will be 100% Made in the USA, with production done at the ARGYLE Haus factory in the San Fernando Valley.

At the conclusion of the process, potential customers will be invited to display and showcase their new collection at the ARGYLE Haus showroom located in The New Mart building in the epicenter of the LA fashion brand district.

“This is a total game changer for fashion brand startups, because we do not need to run around and cobble together all the services like other companies.  We actually own the factory, we have apparel development professionals in-house, and we own the showroom at The New Mart.  This not only give us, but also the client, a tremendous competitive advantage,” concluded Salem.

These set of services offer a one-stop solution for the fashion brand entrepreneur, and this convenience is matched by LA Fashion brand Start Ups’ one-time flat fee for this entire range of service. The benefit of this pricing structure is that the client can budget more realistically. They will know up front exactly what they need to invest and not fall into a cycle of endless spending, like many do in this industry.

Sustainable Fashion Brands: 3 Tips!

In most cases, apparel brands that wish to add a sustainability label to their products are unable to accomplish the project smoothly because apparel sourcing can be extremely complicated. In the production process, products often pass through multiple hands, making it difficult to trace how the final product was manufactured and what sustainability guidelines were followed. This problem may be resolved by introducing transparency within the supply chain, where activities are traceable and recorded at each stage of production.

The production process of fashion brands are being made more transparent with platforms such as Argylehaus, where brands can trace all practices that have been applied to their products. In addition, consumers can verify the sustainability certificate manufacturers acturis (for example, Fairtrade certification, GOT certification, and others) and opt for eco-friendly production practices such as closed-loop dying. Unless you secure a sustainable supply chain or target market , you can’t guarantee your products are sustainable.

Make sustainable business practices a priority

luxury brand, you must not simply limit your sustainability efforts to your products, but also to your overall small business practices. The sustainability of a business organization must be taken into consideration in terms of energy conservation, carbon footprint, waste generation, and other factors. In the case of a brand claiming to be sustainable and using a large amount of plastic in the packaging of its products, it would certainly reflect negative image. This would make image, making consumers doubt its authenticity.

We at Argylehaus, for instance, care about sustainability, so we only work with eco-friendly manufacturers with certifications proving their practices. Onboarding isn’t guaranteed.

Fabrics made from recycled materials

Choosing eco-friendly fabrics for your brand shows your eco-consciousness as a brand. Fashion clothing brand have made huge progress in introducing relatively sustainable fabrics as viable options.

In addition to reducing your own impact on the environment, you’re also helping recycle products that would otherwise end up in landfills. This is done by working with organic cotton, Eco Vera, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, and tricycle products cyclable fabrics. With Argylehaus, brands can easily access eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton.

Those who are concerned about sustainability don’t stop caring once the product’s sold, they’re concerned about the whole life-cycle. To help their products last, sustainable brands can provide buyers with instructions on how to care for the products to provide buyers.


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