We work with apparel brands from all over the world, ranging from start-up companies to well established National brands.

Our Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are based on your garment’s complexity. Generally, we have lower MOQs on the more difficult garments and higher MOQs on the easier garments.  Our MOQs are per individual style number and include all sizes and colors. Say, for example, you have an item that comes in 3 sizes and 4 colors, the combination of all sizes and colors must meet our MOQ for that item. As a general rule, you can follow the chart below for examples of garment complexity and their MOQs:


Production timelines are based on the total number of styles and the total number of pieces you need per style.  We also have to take into consideration the overall complexity of your garments. Say, for example, you have a cocktail dress collection and you need a total of 1,500 pieces produced – this may take upwards of 4 to 6 weeks (not including the lead time). On the other hand, you may need 1,500 pieces of a complicated jacket (with inner/outer pockets, lining, and buttons) – this may take upwards of 6 to 8 weeks (not including the lead time). As a general rule, it would be safe to assume 4 to 6 weeks needed for most production.

Upon signing a Production Agreement with us, there will be a 2 week lead time before we can begin any work on your project.  The best way to explain our lead times is to make a comparison to how airports operate.  Once an airplane taxis onto the runway, there may be two or three other airplanes in front waiting to take off.  In apparel production, your job is like the airplane taxiing onto the runway, we need to give ample time for the previous project to complete before we can give your project our full time and attention.

No.  We are a CMT service and we do not source any fabric or trim. However, we do have many local resources that we can introduce to you and we also have a sourcing service which will help you select the right fabric and trim for your garments.  But we do but purchase any fabric or trim for clients.

No. We do not have any washing, printing or embroider capabilities in-house. However, we do  have many local resources that we can introduce to you upon request.

Quality control takes place at every phase of the production process, from cutting and sewing to finishing and final packaging.  Every employee working on your garment is supplied with a copy of your tech pack, which serves as their official instruction manual.  Upon completion of one phase and the start of the next phase of production, we inspect each garment for quality and consistency.  During the finishing phase of production we conduct a final inspection of all the garments in preparation for final packaging.

All work contracted is conducted in our facility located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angles.  We own all our machinery and equipment and we do not send out any work to 3-party factories under any circumstances.

No.  We do not sign NDAs unless you have a Patent Pending number for your product from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Due to the nature of our business and the large number of clients and client prospect we engage worldwide, it is impossible to assume that we will not be approached by other companies with similar ideas.  As a service provider, we can not take on any risk that will prevent us from working with other companies that are willing to work with us.