Houman Salem at the White House

ARGYLE Haus CEO visits the White House to Discuss Tax Reform

ARGYLE Haus Founder and CEO, Houman Salem, had the high honor of being an invited guest to the White House on September 7th to discuss tax reform with the Trump Administration.  As part of a select group of business leaders…

ARGYLE Haus Featured on FOX News Channel

ARGYLE Haus Founder & CEO, Houman Salem was featured on the FOX News Channel show FOX & FRIENDS on July 3rd to celebrate American made apparel and manufacturing. Visit FOX News Channel

Garment Labeling 101, Part 1:
What Is an RN Number, and Do I Need One?

Proper garment labeling is a legal requirement intended for consumer protection.  By law, a properly labeled garment must provide consumers with basic information about (1) the business or entity who made the garment (manufacturer), (2) where the garment was made…

Labeling “Made in the USA” | CMTA

Federal and State regulators are staring to focus on proper labeling of American made goods. The State of California largely leads the Nation on consumer protections and regulations.  The California Manufacturers & Technology Association published the latest review on SB…
Houman Salem interview on OZY

Fitting Room of the Future | OZY.COM

How’s this for a fresh changing-room experience: whipping off your pants while being surrounded by a panoramic view of mountaintops as the wind howls around you.  It’s just one of the many ideas that clothing companies have hatched as they look to…