About Us

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ARGYLE Haus of Apparel (“ARGYLEHaus”) is a Los Angeles, CA based fashion design house and apparel manufacturing company offering services to established designers, growth-stage companies, and national brands. We are a team of industry leading business experts, technical designers, pattern makers, and master seamstresses with over 100 years of combined experience in the fashion, apparel, and manufacturing industries.


Our company works as either an extension of your current design team or as a fully independent service provider. Our business relies on delivering continuous and consistent value to our clients who require expertise in all aspects of the fashion and apparel industry, from design concepts to mass production.


Clients may elect to utilize any of our services independently, or utilize our full Concept-to-Consumer service, which encompasses all our service areas.  ARGYLEHaus is a fully licensed garment contractor in the State of California by the Department of Industrial Relations, and we have a wide array of resources and capabilities to help your company achieve it short-term to long-term goals.


Based in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, ARGYLEHaus is a founding member of the L.A. Mayor’s Fashion Council, an organization dedicated to building and reinforcing the vibrant fashion and apparel industry in the grater Los Angeles area.


Houman Salem-Argyle-haus
Houman Salem is the CEO of ARGYLEHaus, where he is in charge of the overall strategic management of the company.  A seasoned business leader in the fashion and apparel industry, Houman has served in both CEO and Executive Leadership positions with leading apparel brands in LA and NYC.

Houman Salem

Founder & CEO


Magaly Flores

Production Manager
Maria is a Product Development Manager at ARGYLE Haus, where she works hand-on with client.  Maria brings over 9 years of experience in apparel development including pattern making.  Her expertise rages from demi-couture fashion to theatrical costumes. Maria was trained as a fashion designer in Colombia .

Maria Rangel

Product Development Manager
Drew Kessler is a designer at ARGYLE Haus working with contemporary men's and women's fashion.  Drew has designed top sellers for  brands including No Label Society, CLADE Menswear, and CONTXT LA.  Drew received the Vanguard Design Award in 2013 and teaches fashion design at Woodbury University in LA.

Drew Kessler

Leon Shpayer is a Pattern Maker where he brings over 13 years of experience working with apparel CAD systems.  Leon's work experience includes positions with such bands as BCBG, Townsen, Rich Honey, and Urban Outfitters.  Leon earned a degree in Apparel Development & Pattern Making from LA Trade Tech in 2005.

Leon Shpayer

Pattern Maker

Elizabeth Placentia is the factory foreperson at ARGYLE Haus, where she oversees all aspects of the apparel manufacturing process  - including cut, sew, and finishing.  Elizabeth has over 25 years experience managing apparel factories in the USA and currently oversees a staff of 25 production employees.

Elizabeth Placentia

Factory Supervisor